Sunday, January 11, 2009

Week 2 Spending

Here is my spending for the past week.

January 5th (Monday)
- Groceries: $13.66

January 9th (Friday)
- Chipotle: $6.36

January 10th (Saturday)
- Groceries: $12.74
- Batteries : $3.00

January 11th (Sunday

- Groceries: $20.93

Total Weekly Spending: $56.69

I know this week looks bad for groceries. I went to the grocery store on Monday because I never went last weekend. I went on Saturday to the regular grocery store. I ended up going to Trader Joe's today to stock up for the next month on items I can only get there. I did not intend to go this weekend, but since the roads were good, I decided too. It's a bit of a drive, so I only like to go when the roads are dry in the winter. I should be good until close to the end of February on items from there. I ended up with more spend days than I would have liked due to this.

I did not get gas again this week. I might stop this week sometime depending on how much driving I do. I still have half a tank, but it's going to get very cold this week, so I don't want to let it get too low. I also went to Chipotle for lunch on Friday. I very rarely go out to eat, so I decided to go for lunch since it was one of my direct report's last day. I am also planning to go next month sometime with a friend who is currently on a long vacation. I want to meet up with her to hear about her trip and see all of the pictures.

I hope to spend a lot less this week!! I am planning to go to Super Target for my grocery shopping next weekend. They carry a few items I can't get at the grocery store closest to my house.

I am discovering that working out is resulting in no "no drive" days. This is okay, but it will start making a difference in my gas costs once winter is over. I tend to do more when it's nicer out and not so cold. I am currently spending a lot more time inside. I love going to the gym though and I need to get back into shape, so it's worth it!

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