Monday, January 26, 2009

Late on My Posting

I am late on my weekly spending update. I hope to post it tomorrow. The end of last week and the weekend were crazy. My work trip went really well. I went out with some friends this weekend. I have had a lot of other things to do these past few days, so I haven't update my budget files yet. I really hope to tomorrow.

On a side note, I really don't like apartment life. Everytime I get frustrated living in an apartment, it makes me want to buy a house. I just don't feel like now is the right time for me though. I want to save more first.

Any suggestions on where to stay in Vegas? We found a good deal on flights, but are still deciding on a hotel. We want to stay on the strip, but we aren't sure where. I have only been there once. I stayed at TI. That is way out of our budget for this trip though.

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