Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Goals

Here is my list of goals for 2009. I may add to or alter this list in the coming weeks, but here is what I have so far. Some will be hard for me and others are listed as a reminder to keep on track with what I am already doing.

Financial (12)
Pay off car by end of the year. (This is a stretch but is my ultimate goal.)
Limit clothes/shoes spending to $300. (I am planning to buy some clothes once I get in shape. I also want to buy black dress sandals.)
Only buy personal hygiene/apartment items when needed. (I have a lot under my bathroom and kitchen sinks!)
Limit other spending to only items that are needed.
At least 4 no spend days per week.
Do not buy pop at work.
Take lunch to work every day.
Look at tax withholding in July to determine if need to change W-4.
Check credit report three times.
Check credit score once.
Limit cash withdrawals from checking account to $20 per month.
Donate to a charity every other month.

Career/Education (4)
Finish CMA Exam by end of the year. (Part 2 by June and Part 4 by December)
Get equity increase approved by February.
Make a decision on grad school by end of the year.
Update resume every three months.

Health (4)
Continue gluten free/dairy free diet.
Eat more fruits and vegetables.
Workout at least three times per week.
Try new recipes and foods.

Personal (14)
Finish quilt for parents by March.
Complete afghan for myself by June.
Do dishes three or four times per week. (I hate doing dishes so they usually pile up.)
Floss and rinse each night.
Read one book per month.
Go through all tubs to determine what to keep, throw, and donate by the end of the year.
Play Wii more. (This is a stress reliever for me.)
Think more about where I want my life to go in the future and how to get there.
Decide where I want to live.
Blog at least twice a week.
List all spending on blog in order to maintain accountability.
Take more pictures of friends and family.
Visit an art museum.

Quit biting my nails. (This will be a hard one for me.)

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