Friday, November 13, 2009

Spending Watch

Now that my car is paid off and my savings account is the lowest it has been in awhile, I am really trying to watch my spending. Some days are easier than others. I am only buying what I really need. I am not going out to the bar with friends. I am looking for great deals on Christmas presents for my family. I am half done Christmas shopping and have gotten some great deals. I know what I am buying for the other half, but I am waiting for a good deal to come along. No reason to pay full price!

I have been slacking at working out due to the stress of studying for my final CMA exam and work. I have to get back to that this weekend. I also need to really watch what I eat. It's easy to grab take out food when you're busy, but it's expensive and not healthy. I have to work on that one!!

Goal for the weekend: Little spending, lots of studying and working out.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I keep disappearing. I want to write more, but I just haven't had time. I am studying in an attempt to take the last part of my certification in December. It's not going very well, so I am a little stressed.

On the financial side . . . I decided to take a decent chunk out of my savings account and pay off my car loan today!!! This was my 24th payment. I am very proud of myself. My savings account only has about 3.7 months of emergency funds in it. This will increase quickly now though because I have not been contributing to it for the past few months since I have been putting it all on my car loan.