Sunday, August 31, 2008

August Results and September Goals

I just calculated my August net worth and it increased!! That's always a good thing. My current net worth is $6,071.42. I am very happy about this. I started the year with a negative net worth. My goal is to reach $7,500 by the end of December. If I work hard, I may be able to reach this by the end of November.

I did pretty well overall with my August spending. I came in under budget in each of my categories. I even ordered a yoga DVD and still managed to not go over. I have decided that I need do something to help me relax. I would love to take yoga classes, but they are not in my budget currently. I found a DVD that sounds great online for $15.

My September goals . . .
1.) Increase net worth by $500.
2.) Limit fun/extra/personal spending to $50. This includes any clothes.
3.) Save $250 towards house down payment. This will be my first month of trying to set aside month specifically for a house down payment, so we will see how it goes.
4.) Buy no personal hygiene or apartment related items. I have so much shampoo, toilet paper, dish soap, etc that I should not be buying anything like this!
5.) Study for career related exam at least 4 times each week. I have been putting this off. It's something that I really want to do, but take a lot of times and dedication which I have not been very good at lately.
6.) Exercise at least 4 times per week. My definition of exercise currently is anything that gets me up and moving. I can't wait for my new yoga DVD to get here to try that. I also go for walks which I count. The weather is going to cool down at the end of the week and I can't wait. I love fall.

I will try these 6 for this month and see how they go. I hope this holds me more accountable and helps me achieve each of them.

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