Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thinking Ahead

I did a lot of driving this weekend (780 miles), most of which was by myself. This allowed a lot of time for me to think about things. I went to my parent's house on Thursday. On Friday I drove my grandma back to the town where she lives from the hospital where my parent's live. Then back to my parent's on Saturday and back to my home on Sunday. It was a long weekend. I am exhausted this week!

Here are some of the thoughts that I had about things going on in my life.

I really want a house. Being at my parent's solidified how much I enjoy having a yard, a grill, and no neighbors running down the hall. I am going to try to put about $250 of my savings each month towards a down payment for a home. It will take me awhile to get enough saved, but it's a lot more than I am currently saving.

I have also decided that I am okay with buying a house prior to having my car paid off if I was able to find a home and get a mortgage that fits my budget and down payment that is saved at that time.

I am hoping to start posting monthly goals. I think that this would help me stick to what I want to achieve each month. Then it wouldn't just something that only I know. I am also going to start posting my net worth.

I need to really think about each and every purchase. I want to save as much as possible. I feel like I have cut most unnecessary spending, but I am hoping to find more ways to save. I called my cable company last month and they lowered my internet bill by 20% each month. So, there is one way that I found to save! I am trying to avoid driving unless I really need something. I have a number of books that I would like to read, so this will help me stay home. I also tend to stay home more once winter comes because I don't like going out if the roads are snowy or icy.

I will have to really think about what I want my goals for September to be. I have a week to figure them out.

Have a great week!

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asgreen said...

Having monthly goals can really help to focus you on saving money. Good luck figuring out what they are.