Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekend Spending

I feel pretty good about my spending this weekend. I only bought groceries and put gas in my car. I tend to do my grocery shopping each Sunday. I also get gas every other Sunday assuming I am not driving more than normal. I fill up every week if I need to.

I looked through all of the area grocery ads this morning before I deciding where to go. A supermarket about 8 miles from me (one I have never been to) had great meat prices this week. I was completely out of all meat. I have been refusing to buy any with the high prices. I bought three pounds of hamburger and two pork roasts. The majority of my grocery bill this week was spent on meat. I might even go back on Saturday before the ad expires and get some more hamburger. I saved about $1.20 a pound, so it's worth it. This will last me a few months at least. I put almost all of it right into my freezer.

I also got gas on my way home from the grocery store. Gas was 10 cents cheaper in this area than by my apartment. Any savings helps!!!

I didn't spend any money this week other than paying two bills. I had to pay my internet bill and renew my professional association dues for the year. I am very pleased with myself this week. This week should help me achieve my monthly goals . . . at least some of them.

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