Friday, October 17, 2008

Random Thoughts

It's been awhile since I have posted again. I always mean to, but sometimes the days are over before you know it. The weather has cooled off here. I am really trying to not turn my heat on. I regret that decision some mornings when I don't want to get out of bed. Last year I was able to hold off until almost Thanksgiving. I don't think I will be so lucky this year. My apartment maintenance people are coming to do energy audits on each apartment next week. They will be cleaning the refrigerator coils and HVAC filters. I think I am going to leave a note asking if we could get programmable thermostats installed. It's worth a shot to see what they will say.

I asked this week about my equity adjustment at work. My boss said it is still planned. I am curious to see how much it will be. It should be in place sometime
in November. These things always take a long time to go through at my workplace. This will be nice because it will offset the cost of my health insurance premiums which start in my January checks.

I have been doing pretty good at not spending extra money. I am going to do some meal planning this weekend and make a grocery list based on that. I want to start grocery shopping less often, so meal planning would really help me out in that area.

I checked my 401k balance the other day. It was painful. I am just going to forget about it for awhile. Or try to!!

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smartypantsmoney said...

My current 401K balance makes me cry every time I think of how low it has plummeted.