Friday, October 24, 2008

Glad It's Friday

What a week this was!! I am exhausted after a very busy week at work. I have to decide this weekend if I am going to take another part of my certification exam prior to the end of the year. I want to, but I haven't been studying as much as I need to. I am hoping to see how the studying goes this weekend and go from there. Any thoughts on how to get myself to study even after a long day at work?

I am hoping to not spend very much this weekend. I need some groceries. I hope to keep my non-grocery spending to less than $20. I also should get gas this weekend. I heard some places here are down to $2.29. How great is that! A year or two ago I would have been complaining about that price. Now I am glad we're that low ago. I am curious to see how long it will continue to drop.

The weather is getting colder here. I am still waiting to turn my heat on. I am not sure how much longer I will be able to wait. I think I can for sure make it until Sunday. I hope I can go even longer than that.

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