Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Shopping & Gym Membership.

I decided to run out over lunch today and do my Christmas shopping. I was able to get everything except a gift card for my brother that I will get once I get back to my hometown on the 23rd. I came in under budget!!Yay!! I only spent $75 this year due to a change in how my family does Christmas. We have decided that we really don't need anything and limit things to one small item for each person (there are only 4 of us). I got everything on sale. It was all at least 50% off. I love that. I also got something for my aunt who is also my godmother and my two direct reports at work. I like to give them something little each year. I got them each a mug and some hot chocolate. I also bought containers to put some cookies in that I will make the weekend before Christmas. I love the holidays. I enjoy trying to figure out the right gift for each person. I also enjoyed that this year did not cost me nearly what last year did, but I enjoyed shopping just as much and will enjoy giving each person the presents just like I did last year.

I joined the gym on Monday. I worked out Monday and today. I am hoping to go every other day. It feels great to be working out again. I just hope I can get myself to go even when it's freezing outside. I decided to go with one of the 24-hour places because it's the best priced in my area. It's also a brand new location with the corporate offices attached, so it has very nice equipment.

No more spending for me this week! I am hoping to not have to go get groceries other than bananas this weekend. More studying, saving, and working out for me this week and weekend.


YBP said...

i still have not started my christmas shopping!!! OMG... How much do you spend on the gym a month?

Midwest Chick said...

My membership is $39.95 a month. I didn't have to pay an enrollement fee or anything extra when signing up, so that was nice. Other places nearby are a little more than that up to double it. It's crazy how expensive it is to workout!

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