Monday, September 22, 2008

My Weekend

I did pretty good with my spending this weekend. I only spent money on groceries (about $24). However, I am not sure that I have enough to get me through the week. I am hoping that I am wrong about this. We will see as the week goes on. I went to Super Target for my grocery shopping this weekend. They tend to have better prices on most things where I live. The only problem is that the product is hit and miss. This weekend it was pretty good, but there wasn't a lot of it left on the shelves.

Next weekend will be my monthly trip to Trader Joe's. This will increase my food spending for next weekend to around $40. I am hoping their prices haven't gone up too much in the past month.

One exciting thing this weekend was that I got a library card!! I have lived in this area for a little over three years now. I have only been to the library once so far until this weekend. I finally went and got a library card while I was there. I checked out two books about the GMAT. Even though they are available through the library I think I will end up purchasing one so that I can make notes in it and use the online features that I number of them offer. I thought this would be a good way to see which one I liked best.

The rest of my weekend wasn't too eventful. I cleaned, cooked, and studied for my professional certification exam. I need to get back into the habit of studying a lot more than I currently am. The library was a great place to study this weekend. I am hoping to go there most weekends to study. It's also a nice change of scenery.

I am not planning on spending any money until next weekend. I am really trying not to spend any during the week. Next weekend will be Trader Joe's, regular grocery store or Super Target, and gas. I haven't gotten gas for a few weeks now, so that's great. I have a friend coming into town, so we are meeting up for lunch one day this weekend. That shouldn't cost me more than $8. I never go out to eat anymore, so I don't feel too guilty about this. I also have the cash to cover this, so I am okay with it.

Have a great week!!

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