Friday, June 12, 2009

New Paycheck

I now know my new paycheck amount after all of the changes recently. It was about what I expected. Based on this new amount, I should be able to save about $800 per month. I am very excited about this. The majority of this savings will be going towards paying off my car. I am still hoping to pay it off in January unless something changes. I currently have about $14k in total in my savings account. I will not be adding a lot to this each month. Instead I plan to just pay extra on my car each month.

I am hoping that having a roommate will not increase my spending too much. So far we've both been too busy to do anything together. I just need to be upfront that I can't do a lot of things that cost too much just like in the past. My main focus over the next few years is working hard in my career and saving money. I still am not sure where I want to end up, but I am also not set on staying where I am now. I would love to live in Charlotte, Denver, or San Diego. I think San Diego is out due to the high cost of living though. In order to reach my goal of moving, I need to save as much as I can so I am comfortable moving elsewhere and can afford to.


Live Simply- Live Well said...

I think that it is awesome that you have such a great savings amt! My husband and I are in the process of saving to max out our e-fund. We are saving as much as we can right now while we can. I too can see us moving to somewhere more desirable, especially in the Colorado area because we both like the outdoors so much.

Olivia Gallagher said...

Money is one of the most pertinent features of your life. Keep on asking this kind of questions