Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Passed!!

I passed another part of my certification exam!! Yay!! Three down, one to go. I now need to decide when to take the final part. It's only offered three times per year. I am debating between August and December. I would like to take it in August since part of the exam covers the same material as the other parts. I would have to spend less time reviewing that material since I just took one part. It would be nice to have it over with. The downside is that I would have to spend most of the summer studying. That doesn't sound like much fun. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel I think.

I can now submit my reimbursement paperwork for this last part at work. I will use that money to pay for the next part. I did have it in my budget to retake the part I just passed. This was a longer and harder part than the previous too, so I added it in my budget just in case. This was reallocated to my monthly other category over a few months and to a trip to NYC next fall. That was a nice feeling.

I am going to relax tomorrow and try to decide on Monday about when to take the final exam part.


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congrats!!! even if i am 4 months late ;)