Friday, May 9, 2008

Stimulus Money

I just checked the IRS website to find out when I should be getting my stimulus check. I should be getting it next week! I am not planning to spend this money. It will be going directly to savings. I am going to use it to build up my travel fund. I may be traveling late summer/early fall with my brother to look at colleges he is interested in. I am also hoping to check out areas that I like, so the trip would serve two purposes. I am currently trying to decide what area of the country I want to settle down in. This money will eventually help me figure that . . . or at least I hope so. I have been trying to figure out what area best suits me for awhile now. I am not a big fan of wind and snow (especially together). My stimulus money will have a few months to earn interest before I use it which will also help fund the trip. I hope that my interest rates don't bottom out by then!!

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