Saturday, May 17, 2008

Shopping Trip

I made my monthly shopping trip to Trader Joe's today. I go once per month and buy everything I want for the next month. I stuck exactly to my list today and only spent $20.52. It was exactly what I thought that total would be. That's always a great feeling to be right on with no surprises.

My monthly food budget is $120. This includes eating out and groceries. I very rarely eat out, so it's not an issue that they are combined into one amount. I spend between $20 and $25 at Trader Joe's each month. The rest is my weekly shopping trip to a regular grocery store or Super Target depending on where the better sales are. I usually go grocery shopping on Sundays and plan my list based on the new sale ads for the week. I don't think that my food budget is excessive based on what I have seen other people have budgeted each month. I bring my lunch to work every day, so this saves a lot of money.

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