Sunday, May 3, 2009

Preparing to Move

I have a lot going on in the next month. I got boxes this weekend so I can start packing. I am hoping to go through most of my things prior to moving. It's hard to get rid of things, but I know there are some items which I should part with now instead of moving them. Until recently I have never felt like I have too much, but I have always thought I have had enough. Then things changed. In looking at how many things I have to move, I started wondering why I have so much.

I sold one piece of furniture this past week to a couple in my building. They were very happy to find something to use for a couch in their living room and I was glad to get rid of my futon. I was sad to see it go, but I think it's for the best. I don't have room for it in the new apartment. As I helped carry the futon down to their apartment, I realized they only had a TV and a TV stand in their living room. They didn't have a dining room table or any other furniture. It really made me think about things. I am very grateful to have the furniture I do. There are many people who live with a lot less than I do, but there are also people with a lot more. I think I have more than enough for me.

I also need to get cable and internet setup. The rest of my time will be spent preparing for a wedding I am going to, studying, and transitioning to new job. All in addition to packing and moving. I am trying to limit my spending as much as I can. I stayed in this weekend to accomplish things but also to save money.

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J. Money said...

that's all? oh man - you'll have plenty of time ;) gooooooooooood luck w/ it all!